Account information API

Jul-22New FeatureAggregated balance of all crypto holdings in USD✅ complete
Jul-22New FeatureAggregated all crypto holdings transactions - amount in USD✅ complete
Jul-22New connector - CEXBibox✅ complete
Jul-22New connector - CEXBigOne✅ complete
Jul-22New connector - CEXLbank✅ complete
Jul-22New connector - CEXAAX✅ complete
Jul-22New connector - OnchainCELO✅ complete
Jul-22New connector - OnchainMATIC✅ complete
Jul-22New connector - OnchainTRX✅ complete
Jul-22New connector - OnchainXLM✅ complete
Jul-22New connector - OnchainXRP✅ complete
Aug-22New FeatureAggregated view by currency✅ complete
Aug-22New connector - NFTFlow
Aug-22New connector - NFTTezos
Aug-22New connector - CEXBitmex✅ complete
Sep-22New connector - NFTSOL✅ complete
Sep-22New FeatureAggregated all crypto holdings transactions - names and categories
Sep-22New connector - OnchainUSDT
Oct-22New connector - OnchainBCH
Oct-22New connector - OnchainBNB
Oct-22New connector - OnchainBSC
Nov-22New connector - NFTDecentraland
Nov-22New connector - NFTAxie
Nov-22New connector - CEXBittrex
Nov-22New connector - CEXBinance TR
Dec-22New connector - CEXUpbit
Dec-22New connector - NFTTheta
Dec-22New connector - NFTOasis
Dec-22New connector - NFTPolygon

Risk API

Jul-22New featureAddress risk score✅ complete
Aug-22New featureAddress risk score detail✅ complete
Aug-22New featureTransaction risk score✅ complete
Aug-22New featureTransaction risk score detail✅ complete
Aug-22New featureCase management for addresses and transactions✅ complete