Access 5+ years of historical transaction data across multiple accounts.


With Transactions, you can access 5 years of clean and categorized transaction data of your clients. You can use this data to provide insights to your users, display and work with recent and historical transactions, or as a data source for your existing applications. Transaction data is helpful for personal finance management, bookkeeping, taxation, and as a complementary data source to open banking platforms.

Blockmate Transactions allows you to access a user's transaction history for on-chain and off-chain accounts. On-chain accounts are any wallet where transactions are carried out directly on the blockchain such as a Bitcoin account or an Ethereum account. Off-chain accounts are wallets hosted by crypto exchanges and other platforms such as Coinbase or Gemini.



Explore the full list of supported exchanges, wallets, and other accounts here โ†’

Transaction data includes dates, amounts, and chosen fiat values. Data is unified and automatically enriched with names and categories where possible.

API reference

FeatureAPI referenceAPI endpoint
Get transactions/reference/transactions/v1/aggregate/transactions

Sample app

Try out the Personal Finance Management Demo to see how the Transactions feature can be used to access historical data and display balance and transaction history through all connected accounts in unified and aggregated way.

Using Blockmate Link, you can instantly onboard Web3 users and access transaction data from their accounts.

Use cases

Personal Finance Management โ†’
Access usersโ€™ transaction data from multiple accounts to provide a comprehensive overview of their finances.

Business Finance Management โ†’
Access and categorize clientsโ€™ transaction data from multiple accounts.

Crypto Tax Automation โ†’
Access and categorize transactions to determine taxable events and comply with regulations.

Bookkeeping and reports โ†’
Access detailed historical data and track metrics like overall income and expenditure.

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