NFT portfolio

How to build the NFT Portfolio app using Blockmate Web3 API

NFT management apps are an emerging industry in Web3. As more people add to their digital asset portfolios, the need for tools that can organize, display, and trade NFTs across different blockchains will only increase.
Blockmate’s Web3 API provides the foundation for these tools.

We’ve created a simple NFT Portfolio app to demonstrate the possibilities that our solution can offer, and inspire you to build your own Web3 Super apps of the future like:,,, or


NFT application

Check it out here to see it in action.

What to expect from this guide

In this guide, you’ll learn how to use our API solution in a few simple steps. You’ll be able to clone our app for free and use it as a foundation for your app ideas. Ready? Let’s get started.

By the end of this guide you’ll have:

  • Created your Blockmate account
  • Generated your own Blockmate API keys
  • Cloned Blockmate’s NFT sample app to your dev environment
  • Launched your own NFT Portfolio app
  • Learned how to use our API solution to create a basic NFT management tool

What you’ll need to get started

Getting a Blockmate account and API key

First things first, let’s get your API key:

  1. Visit Blockmate Portal and sign up for free
  2. There you’ll find your dashboard where you can generate your API key
    Click “Generate new API key” button
  3. Copy your API key

Cloning NFT app from GitHub

Follow guide below for a step-by-step walkthrough on how to clone our NFT Portfolio app to your own dev environment.

1. Clone the public GitHub repository in your terminal

git clone

2. Enter the project folder, install dependencies and launch the application

cd public-nft-portfolio && npm install && npm run start

3. Follow instructions in the browser, sign up at and generate your API key

Setup API key

4. Connect Ethereum or Solana wallets

Connect wallet

5. Enjoy live NFT gallery!



Congratulations! You’re set up and ready to continue your development. Feel free to build on these foundations and create your own next-gen NFT management Super app!

A few ideas to get you started include:

  • Implement dark mode—download Figma file
  • Implement wallet connections—for example, Metamask or Phantom
  • Implement transfer between wallets functionality
  • Enable folders and tags to organize NFTs
  • Enable scam NFTs burn or hide functionality
  • Implement details and transactions view