Access 2+ years of categorized NFT data.


Blockmate’s NFT API endpoints are for accessing information about users NFT holdings/portfolio and analytics. It’s helpful for consolidating NFTs across multiple wallets and blockchains in a unified data format.

You can either use it to organize your own collections or as a foundation to build custom NFT management apps. As more people add to their digital asset portfolios across different wallets and blockchains, the need for tools that can organize, display, and trade NFTs across networks will only increase.

NFT endpoints can display the image, title, description, and relevant metadata for each NFT contract. It can be easily integrated into your own application through a single endpoint.

API reference

FeatureAPI referenceAPI endpoint
Get NFT metadata/reference/nftmetadata/v1/aggregate/nft_metadata
Get project analytics/reference/getprojectanalytics/v1/analytics/project/stats
Get user analytics/reference/getuseranalytics/v1/analytics/user/stats

Sample app

Our NFT Portfolio sample app allows you to connect multiple wallets from various blockchains. Simply add your wallet addresses and get instant access to your entire collection in one place.

To learn how to clone Blockmate’s NFT sample app to your dev environment and launch your own NFT Portfolio app, you can follow this easy guide.

Use cases

NFT portfolio management →
Provide custom NFT management solutions that cater to the growing NFT market.

NFT analytics →
Access NFT transaction history & metadata/properties to provide analytics on the overall performance of NFT investments. Help users to make better trading decisions based on current trends and historical price data.

Web3 gaming →
Provide tools that allow game developers to track the NFT assets of their users. Help them to organize NFTs by various metadata such as type, traits, rarity, etc., airdrop NFT rewards based on game performance, and find high value members of their community.

Bookkeeping and reports →
Allow users to track data such as profit/loss, tax events, and overall investment value to make NFT accounting easier and more accessible.

What’s Next