Collect and unify all crypto balances of your users.


The function of Balance is to collect real-time data from all crypto balances of your users. Our endpoints extract data from various wallets and allow you to display available balances to your users in different fiat currencies like USD and EUR.

If you plan on building a crypto tracker app or Web3 finance management tools, the Balance feature will be the core of your operation.

API reference

FeatureAPI referenceAPI endpoint
Get balance/reference/balance/v1/aggregate/balance

Sample app

Using Balance, Blockmate’s sample app for personal finance management, is a real-life example of how a crypto tracker app can function.

If you want to create a similar app using our API, read our complete tutorial on how to build a digital assets portfolio app in React.

Use cases

Personal Finance Management →
Access users’ transaction data from multiple accounts to provide a comprehensive overview of their finances.

Business Finance Management →
Access and categorize clients’ transaction data from multiple accounts.

What’s Next