Access users’ financial portfolio and verify digital assets for loan underwriting.


With Assets, you can verify a user’s digital assets for credibility checks, loan applications, wealth management services, or as a complementary data source to open banking platforms.

You can use this feature to verify information for creditability assessment, provide a financial overview, or display total assets and segmented assets.

Assets data come directly from source and includes transactions, balances, amounts, fiat values, and NFT information. This capability can be integrated seamlessly into your application using the Transactions, Balances, and NFTs API services.

API reference

FeatureAPI referenceAPI endpoint
Get transactions/reference/transactions/v1/aggregate/transactions
Get balance/reference/balance/v1/aggregate/balance
Get NFT metadata/reference/nftmetadata/v1/aggregate/nft_metadata

Use cases

Personal Finance Management →
Access assets data from multiple accounts to provide a comprehensive overview of their financial portfolio.

Business Finance Management →
Access client portfolio information and verify assets.

Crypto Tax Automation →
Determine asset portfolio for yearly taxation.

Bookkeeping and reports →
Access detailed historical data and track metrics like total assets and NFT portfolio, current value, and previous values.

Lending Services
Verify a client's financial portfolio and risk score for underwriting.

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